Riza Aziz

Riza Aziz

According to WSJ, the stepson of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak bought a £23.25 million ($33.6 million) house in central London in 2012 with money originating from 1Malaysia Development Bhd. The redbrick 4-story house is located not far from Malaysia Diplomatic mission in the exclusive Belgravia neighborhood.

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  1. Canzaki

    According to this report, I feel it is a ridiculous situation as those money from the 1MDB purposely is for the benefits of the local people in Malaysia by helping to increase the overall living lifestyle of the people. Such money is very huge and impossible for a man to do purchase on luxury properties in foreign countries. Is there any scandal needed to be hidden at the back and have something up the related individual’s sleeve? It is still questionable as our people’s living standard still is improving in a slow stage or even has been decreasing compared to past few years, with a high tax and living cost suffered in the country.

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