The success of combating corruptions and leakages in Malaysia depended on involvement of all stakeholders in Malaysia. It is a long term struggle but all of us can play a small role to be part of this initiative. Here are some suggestions of how you can play your small role:

a. Tell Your Friends: Share the content of the summaries to your friends in social media, so that your friends and their friends will be aware of the highlighted audited government programs

b. Give your comments : Tell us what you think by providing comments on the audited programs. What questions can be asked? Do you have any insights on the selected programs?

c. Identify a Whistleblower: Do you know anyone who are involved in the audited government departments or programs? If yes, can you help to dig some information and persuade them to leak important information? All Whistleblowers will be protected under the Whistleblower Protection Act 2010.

d. Join us a Volunteer: We will hold discussion groups to elicit feedback and comments on the AG Report. If you wish to join the group sign up at the “Sign Up as Volunteer” module on the right hand side or email to us directly at